ATI Coral Ocean plus

ATI Coral Ocean plus

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ATI Coral Ocean plus

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ATI Coral Ocean plus – premium Reef Salt was developed especially for the claims of the modern reefkeeping. The optimised composition from high-class chemicals in pharmaceutical quality leads to the highest productivity.

The optimised calcium and magnesium values promote a splendid coral growth. The optimised KH value buffers the pH factor without raising him too strongly. The excellent solubility already leads after few minutes to a crystal-clear mixture which can be used after a short ventilation phase.

In the absolute nature identical composition many essential trace elements and micro nutrients of natural seawater contained. It is free from synthetic additives and contains no nitrate, silicate nor phosphate.

ATI Coral Ocean plus was tested independently. It is suited ideally for the new installation and water change of our reef. With ATI CORAL OCEAN plus you create the best possible conditions for the successful care and increase of sensitive stone corals, fishing and all other reef aquarium inhabitants.

The natural water parameters of ATI Coral Ocean plus and the very rapid solubility draw this sea salt from especially.

Available in 7 and 22 kg.


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