ATI Coral Ocean

ATI Coral Ocean

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ATI Coral Ocean

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ATI Sea Salt Coral Ocean – Premium Quality Reef Salt has been specifically designed for aquarium lovers with high demands and is ideal for the care of sensitive corals.

ATI Coral Ocean is made of first-class chemicals in pharmaceutical quality. It contains many of the essential for your aquarium inhabitants trace elements and micronutrients. It is free from synthetic additives and contains no nitrate, silicate, phosphates still!


Calcium can be metered separately from our ATI Coral Ocean sea salt. This is important for corals. This allows you to adjust the calcium content of the freshly prepared seawater flexible and so use the water change to specifically compensate for the calcium content in your aquarium.

The ATI Coral Ocean salt is slightly moist and prevents reliable segregation, as may occur during the transport of extremely dry salt else. The higher water content in the ATI Coral Ocean sea salt it also ensures „softer“ dissolution of the salt.


The natural water parameters of ATI Coral Ocean sea salt, the flexible adjustment of the calcium concentration and the very rapid solubility write our ATI Coral Ocean sea salt from especially.

Available in 5,5 and 21 kg.


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