ATI Natuurlijk zeewater 20l

ATI Natuurlijk zeewater 20l

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ATI Natuurlijk zeewater

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ATI Natural seawater is exceedingly suitable for regular water changes. In its natural composition it carries the perfect water chemistry in your aquarium needs. Besides, this it contains the biologically active ingredients that will increase the well-being of your reef inhabitants.

ATI Natural sea water is suited especially well for the new start of aquariums, because it contains all major elements and minor elements in the natural relation and has a biological composition which is reached from no sea salt.

Natural seawater is ready to use and allows direct stocking the aquarium with sensitive reef inhabitants. ATI Natural seawater is batch lab checked and buffered to all recommended reference values. Do your something exceptional for your aquarium and use ATI natural sea water.
Contains 20 liters.

  • Laboratory tested.
  • 100% of natural water composition.
  • Immediate positive biological effect.
  • Compensates deficits in the aquarium reliably.
  • Ideal for the new start of aquariums.
  • Direct stocking of the aquarium with sensitive reef inhabitants.


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