Easy Reefs Corals phytoplankton

Easy Reefs Corals phytoplankton

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Easy Reefs Corals phytoplankton

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Three species of easy reefs ® microalgae are used: Phaeodactylum (33.3%) +Nannochloropsis (33.3%)+Tetraselmis (33.3%), achieving a good nutritional balance with these species.

The dosage will depend on the amount of organisms in the aquarium, but generally this dosage will be of 100 mg (easy reefs ®) for a 500 litres aquarium once a day. For smaller aquariums the dosage is of 50 mg (half a spoon of easy reefs ®) per day.

It is recommended to add the freeze-dried microalgae near a recirculation pump inside the aquarium, this way easy reefs® will distribute homogenously.

There is no need to stop the skimmer during the feeding.
Example for a 500 L aquarium:
1st.-Put in the glass blender 0.5 litres of water from the aquarium
2º.-Add 100 mg easy reefs ® (1 level spoonful) and follow the resuspension instructions.


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