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Biologically ideal magnesium supplement for reef aquariums

A sufficient supply of Magnesium is as essential for the growth and wellbeing of reef building coralline algae as Calcium. It is one of the major constituents of seawater and is directly involved in algae photosynthesis, i.e. the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and light into organic compounds. The addition of plain magnesium salt, however, is not sufficient and interferes with the ionic balance of the tank water.

Tropic Marin® BIO-MAGNESIUM creates a natural environment in the aquarium and delivers Magnesium and carbon dioxide in a natural, biologically available ionically balanced form.


Contains a combination of magnesium and carbon dioxide to promote essential biochemical processes in the aquarium
Supplies magnesium for accelerated skeleton growth of corals and calcareous coralline algae
Supplies carbon dioxide for zooxanthellae to promote photosynthesis and calcareous skeleton synthesis
Maintains the natural ionic concentration and the pH value of the reef tank water
No unnatural by-products
No phosphates or nitrates
Measured amount of Magnesium in a truly ionically balanced formula

How to use:

The natural concentration of Magnesium is 1280-1300 ppm. Calculate the total system water volume and begin by measuring the magnesium concentration of your aquarium water. One level measuring spoon increases the magnesium level of 30 US-gallons / 110 l of tank water by about 10 ppm. The recommended maximum dose is 2 measuring spoons per 30 US-gallons / 110 l of aquarium water per day!

Sprinkle one measuring spoon full of Tropic Marin® BIO-MAGNESIUM onto the surface of the water, where it is being circulated by your pump. Take care not to allow a larger amount of undissolved BIO- MAGNESIUM to come into contact with invertebrates. Wait for each spoonful to dissolve completely before adding the next.

You can dissolve 450g of BIO-MAGNESIUM in 720ml of R/O water to obtain 1l BIO-MAGNESIUM LIQUID.

Use the new dosing calculator for an easy determination of the required amount of dosage for your aquarium.

Check the aquarium waters specific gravity on a regular basis as this may gradually increase over time with the addition of Tropic Marin® BIO-MAGNESIUM. This is easily counteracted with regular water changes. An excessively high magnesium concentration may have a negative effect on certain organisms. For this reason it is not recommended to exceed magnesium concentrations over 1600 ppm.


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